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I’m Keith Zafren, founder of The Great Dads Project and author of the award-winning book, How to Be a Great Dad — No Matter What Kind of Father You Had. I teach men to master a simple yet highly effective skill set and to acquire an essential mindset so that they can become the dads they wish they’d had.


I believe Keith’s message is very important. I enthusiastically support him in his efforts to reach out to men everywhere, to help them heal and grow to become the great dads they long to be, and their children so desperately need them to be.

Jack Canfield  – Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand and New York Times Bestseller of The Success Principles. Quote from the Foreword to Keith’s book.


Keith and his message to Dads (and indeed to all of us) is one sorely needed in this day and age of work related pressures that keep us from our families and often from our faith. He is an inspiration to me and will be to many as he gives all of us highly useful advice on how to better balance our lives and particularly our family relationships.

Fred Sievert – Retired President, New York Life Insurance Co., author, God Revealed

Patrick McMillan on The Great Dads Project with Keith Zafren

I was introduced to Keith Zafren, author of How to be a Great Dad, just over a year ago, and since then he has had more of a positive effect on me as a Dad than he may know. He has been my “go to” coach when things got tough, and I am eternally grateful for his friendship, support and for being an amazing model for what a real Dad is.

Patrick McMillan — author, An Exercise in Happiness

The Great Dads Project exists to create fantastic relationships between fathers and their children, inspire personal transformation,
and foster real healing of father wounds.


Keith Zafren, here with Jack Canfield, coaches fathers
to become great dads.

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